Magazine Advertising

Wondering what it costs to advertise in magazines? Looking for magazine advertising rates? As a full service advertising agency magazine advertising is just one of the many advertising related services we offer.  When a new client tells us their monthly advertising budget then we create a plan based upon that budget.  Based upon the budget amount and type of business magazine advertising might be a good option.  Sometimes magazine advertising is planned to coincide with an upcoming event.  For example you may be getting ready to exhibit in a trade show in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or any city in the world and you may want a magazine ad in some industry publication that would be distributed at the trade show.  On the other hand you may have budgeted for monthly ads in a specific type of magazine to reach a certain type of client.  For example maybe you own a jewelry store and there is a popular publication that reaches wealthy readers; this might be a great magazine for you to use for your advertising.

If you are opening a new business and curious about the cost of magazine advertising it varies from one publication to the next. Additionally we have found that in print media the publishers always give dramatically better rates if a client will commit to a 6 month or 12 month advertising plan. Not only will you get better rates that way but this is also the best way to get results. Running a magazine ad once to see what happens is a waste of money. Doing this would result in paying the publisher’s highest rate and hoping that everyone wants to buy your product or service after seeing your ad only once. When we make a decision to purchase anything it is almost always after we have seen advertising more than once. This is why being consistent with all forms advertising is very important.